Moon Magic


The Moon is a very mystical object that illuminates our night sky and has an intimate connection with water, as it has the ability to move the tides of the ocean. The 28-day Moon cycle around Earth has a direct relationship to the human female 28-day menstruation cycle. Energetically, the moon influences the subconcious, personality, and instinctual behavior. Ancient cultures studied the cycles of the moon, and created lunar calendars to track the days here on Earth. Our modern months derives from "moonths" of the lunar calendar. The moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but is also 400 times closer to the Earth, which make the Moon and the Sun appear the same size from Earth. This relationship between Earth, Moon, and Sun enables Solar and Lunar eclipes to happen. As everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, the moon is the biggest body of energy closest to Earth, making the Moon a very powerful force here on Earth.

From an astrological stand point, the moon travels across the twelve zodiac signs during its 28 day orbit around Earth. The personalities of the zodiac are emphasized in our instincts and subconscious throughout the month by the lunar transition in our sky. The Moon is like a reciever from the frequency of the stars, and transmits these energies towards Earth.

Knowing the lunar cycles is the key to working with Moon magic. This 28-day cylce is divided into 4 quarters: New Moon, 1st quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last quarter Moon. The New Moon represents birth. Plant your seeds of your desires at this time; start new plans, new projects, new loves, new begginnings, new ideas. The 1st quarter moon is important for setting patterns that will continue throughout the lunar month. In the two week period after the new moon, the moon is considered to be waxing, or increasing in light. This is a good time to aquire things in your life. As the moon grows in size, so will the manifestation of your wishes. The Full Moon has the greatest potential energy, as it is in full illumination from the Sun and illuminates throughout the entire night (This makes the night of the Full Moon a good time for celebration for its bright illumination). The two week period after the Full Moon, the moon is considered to be waning, or decreasing in light. This is a good time to release any negative emotions, break any habits, break up relationships, anything that doesn't serve you anymore. As the tide of the energy of the moon wanes, it will help pull that energy away that you don't want or need. The moon now rises late in the night, and stays up for the morning. The last Quarter Moon, is a time for reflection. What have you learned within the last moonth? How can you change things for the better? This is a time to learn from the experiences, and prepare for the rebirthing process. Time to consider the possibilities for the next cycle.